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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Music Leaks - As on September 5, 2012

Bob Dylan - Tempest
[leaked, due out September 11, 2012]

The Whigs - Enjoy The Company
[leaked, due out September 18, 2012]

Ricardo Villalobos - Dependant And Happy
[leaked, due out September 25, 2012]

Grizzly Bear - Shields
[leaked, due out September 18, 2012]

David Byrne & St. Vincent - Love This Giant
[leaked, due out September 11, 2012]

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Remove Logos or Watermarks From Video with VirtualDub and DeLogo Filter

This is tutorial how to remove logo or watermark

Download Videodub
Download delogo filter

Extract or move the delogo.vdf file to the plugins folder inside VirtualDub directory.

Once you download it you will have to add the filter in VirtualDub, give it the right settings to remove the logo and finally re-encoding the new video. I will show you how to do it in the next section.

Example image

  • Open VirtualDub.exe
  • Open the Video File that has the logo you want to remove.
  • Click on the Video Tab and Select Filters.
  • Click "Add".
  • Select DeLogo 1.3.2 by Karel Suhajda
A new window will appear. This is the filter configuration window. Here you will tell what do you want to remove from the video.
  1. Click the "Show Preview" Button in the Bottom Left Corner.
  2. Find a frame where the Logo is most visible.
  3. In the Filter Configuration in Mask Properties/Analyse Row Click "Save Frame".
  4. Save the Frame BMP File to the directory of your choice.
  5. Open the frame with your favorite Photo Editor.
  6. Choose the color red (R:255 G:0 B:0).
  7. Paint over the Logo with the selected color.
  8. Save your new BMP File
  9. Load the new Logo File by clicking "Load" in the Mask Properties/Repair Row.
  10. Click "Show Preview" again to see the result.
You can play with the Delogo settings (Depht, Power etc.) to see a better result since the Logo Removal leaves some blurr in the video.

Finally, select the Compression Format in Video/Compression and click File/Save as AVI.

It may take some time to finish but you will have your video without the Logo.

Speed up your windows RDP

If you are on windows 7, or windows vista, and remote control a desktop, I've just found, and applied this command:

netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
open cmd, and copy paste this command

I got amazing speedup on refreshing my screen, even with 2 RDP connections opened. No more pain of drawing interface.

You apply this on YOUR PC, not RDP.

A good Domain Name for your Website.

Now a day, having a website for business is very much helpful to grow dramatically. There are also many other fields for which people are creating websites like information, entertainment, blogging, online trainings etc.
But selecting a right domain name is very important. Here are few useful points, which we need to consider while selecting a domain name

Related to your field/business
It is very important to select a domain name related to your application or business field. Some people choose domain names with their own names, funky words, popular sites names etc. These kind of domain names always give a bad impact on their product. For example if someone have a website for dental care and he give it a name like , then a person who looking for a dentist will not prefer it. But if the domain name have a work like doctor, clinic, dentist then user must prefer it i.e. is a good domain name for a doctor.

Domain name length
Length of a domain name matter a lot. Users always looking for one or two words long domain names. Long domain names are also not search friendly. Also its hard to memorize long domain names. So always try to choose domain name having one or two keywords long

Keyword search
Always try to check the chosen keywords which you selected for your domain name with any online keyword density checker tools. It will help you to select a better keyword for your domain name. You can check that, how much searches coming for a particular keyword and how much competition have for that keyword from other websites

Domain suggestion tools
There are many good domain suggestion tools which can help you to find an available domain name on internet. These tools helps you to find a domain name with different expressions i.e. by adding dash in between, with different TLD (top-level domain), synonyms of your selected keywords etc. I am personally using for selecting a domain name for myself. It is really a power tools to select a domain, having many good options

TLD (top-level domain) preference
Try to select appropriate top-level domain name for ur product or business. If you are creating a regional website, you can select a TLD with country name i.e. for India, for United States. Users always give more preference to visit a local website name for business websites or shopping websites etc. If you are working with a website related to information you can select .info TLD.
Here you can find all top-level domains list

Don’t copy name of other popular websites by changing some letters, adding dashes or by changing TLD. It will also give a bad impact on your product or business. Surely it can give your website to get search traffic but users don’t like this. Most of the times users know about original websites and it effects same like when you saw a duplicate shoe of a branded company in the market.

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